The Burgplatz is a focal square found straightforwardly on the Rhine in the old town

Today the Sea Gallery is situated in the palace tower. The northern Düssel streams into the Rhine at Burgplatz, the banks of which can be arrived at here through a flight of stairs. The flight of stairs is a well-known gathering place for local people and vacationers in summer. What’s more, the square is fixed with various cafés and is a normal area for occasions.

The open Düsseldorf Rhine promenade is viewed as quite possibly of the most gorgeous promenade on the Rhine. Up the Rhine, the view scopes to the Media Harbor, opposite the Workmanship Nouveau exteriors of the locale of Ober Kassel welcome you. Walk around the asphalt past the memorable water measure and the updated old Rhine port.

Here you can sit in numerous comfortable bistros right on the Rhine and watch the boats. Toward the finish of the Rhine promenade you will track down the structure of the Apollo Theater. Craftsmen from everywhere the world present their bright program each night.

In the long stretches of the main city development from 1382 to 1394, another commercial center was made at the ongoing area. The square is overwhelmed by Düsseldorf City Lobby. There is an equestrian sculpture of Balloter Jan Wellem on the square

The present state parliament is found straightforwardly on the Rhine, between the Apollo Theater and the Media Harbor. The studio of the Düsseldorf WDR is likewise in the quick area. At 240.5 meters high, the Rhine Pinnacle is the tallest structure in the city and the 10th tallest TV tower in Germany. The Rhine Pinnacle, finished in 1982, serves both as a transporter for radio wires and as a perception tower.


Where the pity of unused stockrooms ruled a couple of years prior, the Miedienhafen has moved into quarters today. Numerous structures and old cranes are recorded landmarks. The Neuer Zollhof building complex by planner and fashioner Forthcoming Gehry, finished in 1998 and 1999, immediately turned into the lead of the new area. Around forty cafés, clubs and a huge discotheque make the Media Harbor a famous gathering place and a recreation option in contrast to the old town in the nights

The city door is a skyscraper place of business in the Unterbilk region of Düsseldorf. It is the authority home of the Top state leader of North Rhine-Westphalia and is situated in the public authority region of the state capital.

In Düsseldorf Carlstadt you will see as many collectible and jewelry shops

Numerous specialists live and work around here. There are likewise various galleries, eateries and bars in Carlstadt, despite the fact that it is a lot calmer here than in the adjoining old town. The week after week market at Carlplatz is open from Monday to Saturday. The Hetjens-Historical center or the German Pottery Gallery is an exhibition hall for the historical backdrop of ceramics and has 8,000 square meters of display space.

In 1963 the City Gallery of the State Capital of Düsseldorf moved to the Palais Spee in Carlstadt, on the southern edge of the notable downtown area. Be that as it may, it was established in 1874 as a verifiable exhibition hall. Today it is a city-verifiable and city-hypothetically situated gallery

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